4 Grey Porcelain Ceramic Cord Adjuster Beads
cord adjuster beads

4 Grey Porcelain Ceramic Cord Adjuster Beads

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Fits 2mm cord. Helps you make adjustable-length jewelry and acts as a clasp.
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4 grey porcelain ceramic cord adjuster beads. Holes are 3mm so this fits a 1-2mm cord easily. 4 beads is enough to create closures for two necklaces. This works well with our 2mm waxed cotton cord. The bead adjusters are 10mm in diameter and 5mm thick.

To use, string two adjuster beads onto one cord end and tie a knot. Take the other end of your cord and string it through the second hole of both adjuster beads in the opposite direction of the first cord end. Give yourself one to two inches of slack, and tie a knot. The knot on the cord acts with the bead to provide a sliding closure. Beads should "grip" the cord and make it possible for the wearer to adjust the length of the cord by sliding the beads either together or apart.

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