There are three different suits numbered 1 to 9, which are called simple tiles. They are bamboo, characters (or myriads), and circles (or dots).

Suit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Bamboos MJs1.png MJs2.png MJs3.png MJs4.png MJs5.png MJs6.png MJs7.png MJs8.png MJs9.png
Characters MJw1.png MJw2.png MJw3.png MJw4.png MJw5.png MJw6.png MJw7.png MJw8.png MJw9.png
Circles MJt1.png MJt2.png MJt3.png MJt4.png MJt5.png MJt6.png MJt7.png MJt8.png MJt9.png

In some variations Bamboo is the only suit used. There are four matching tiles for each value (e.g. there are four Dots tiles with the number 2).


There are two different honor suits: the winds and the dragons. The winds are east, south, west and north, and the dragons are Red, Green and White. They have no numerical sequence and there are four tiles of each honor (e.g. four Red Dragon tiles).

Name Sign
East MJf1.png
South MJf2.png
West MJf3.png
North MJf4.png
Name Sign
Red MJd1.png
Green MJd2.png
White MJd3.png

Bonus tiles

There are only eight bonus tiles: four flowers and four seasons:

Flower Sign
plum MJh5.png
orchid MJh6.png
chrysanthemum MJh7.png
bamboo MJh8.png
Season Sign
spring MJh1.png
summer MJh2.png
autumn MJh3.png
winter MJh4.png

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