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  • Bone Beads Bone Beads
    Handcarved bone beads are featured in our catalogue.
  • Ceramic beads Ceramic beads
    Ceramic Beads Including Porcelain and Clay Beads. Featuring raku-style glazed porcelain beads from Peru.
  • Glass Beads Glass Beads
    Glass beads, lampwork beads, recycled glass beads, African trade beads
  • Metal Beads Metal Beads
    Metal beads and charms from various materials including brass, copper, pewter, steel, sterling silver and plated metals. Many are lead-free.
  • Semi-precious Gemstone Beads Semi-precious Gemstone Beads
    We have a small assortment of special semi-precious gemstone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most are sold by the strand.
  • Skull Beads Skull Beads
    We have a growing assortment of skull beads in a variety of materials and sizes. These include ceramic, porcelain, bone, metal, gemstone, glass and other types of skulls.
  • Mahjong Beads Mahjong Beads
    Mahjong is a game that originated in China that is played with a set of tiles based upon Chinese characters and symbols. We have a growing selection of bone mahjong tile beads both vertically drilled for necklaces and earrings and horizontally drilled for bracelets.
  • Halloween Beads Halloween Beads
    We feature Halloween-themed beads in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. We are sure to have the perfect bead for you next project.
    As we gather more owl beads and charms, we decided to put them all in one place for easier perusal. Ours are made from assorted materials: ox bone, howlite, porcelain ceramic, metal and more!
  • Mermaid or Sirena Beads and Charms Mermaid or Sirena Beads and Charms
    Mermaid or sirena beads and charms in a variety of materials
    Angels, fairies and other beads with wings! If it has wings, it should be in this category!
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Bone 27x33mm Giant Bone Skull Bead
$4.50  $2.25
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