Thai Buddha's Footprint Round 28mm Coin Amulet
Footprint amulet of stamped metal

Thai Buddha's Footprint Round 28mm Coin Amulet

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Thai Buddha's Footprint Round 28mm Coin Amulet
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Very special two-sided Buddhist bronze coin amulet with a hanging loop and jump ring. One side of the round amulet features a seated Buddha surrounded by eight auspicious symbols. The reverse side features Buddha's footprint with the eight auspicious symbols.  Buddha’s footprint reminds us that Buddha was present on earth and left a spiritual ‘path’ to be followed. Note that this amulet is without the metal frame (we have another footprint amulet with a metal frame and twisted wire detail)

Amulets featuring the Buddha are traditionally worn to bring protection and luck and are commonly found in Thailand at Buddhist temples. They are often made by and/or blessed by Buddhist monks.

Size is approximately 28mm in diameter (approximately 1-1/8 inches diameter) with a 7mm jump ring. 

Handmade in Thailand. Sold individually.

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