Painted Wooden Undrilled Mah Jong Tile Cabochon
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Painted Wooden Undrilled Mah Jong Tile Cabochon

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These are painted wooden mah jong tiles that are thinner and un-drilled.
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Finally a thinner mah jong tile cabochon suitable for creating jewelry, without drilled holes!  These vintage painted wooden mahjong tiles measure 32mm (1-1/4 inches) by 22mm (7/8 inch) by 7mm thick (9/32 inch). (Please note that there may be some imperfections/discoloration in these tiles as they are vintage but they are in generally good condition.) They can be used as a cabochon in your jewelry creations, beaded, or used with a glue-on bail, like our diy mah jong kit.  You will get one tile.  You can choose the suit.  These are much nicer than any of the other mah jong tiles that we have seen!

Here's a look at a completed pendant made using these tiles.

mah jong pendant

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