Nickel Silver Etching Metal Strips (10)
Nickel Silver Etching Metal Strips (10)

Nickel Silver Etching Metal Strips (10)

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Package of 10 nickel silver strips great to use for etching.
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We have lots of these 1 inch by 3-1/4 inch strips left from cutting book covers for etched metal books. They are 30 gauge industrial nickel silver material. The plant that we buy from loves to use markers to write on the metal so there may be marks here and there on the surface but they are easy to clean off. Note that the measurements are approximate -- you will get a lot of assorted metal strips that are roughly this size.

Nickel silver can be nicely patina'd  so there are also lots of possibilities there.

You will get 10 strips. Please note that these strips are heavy and an additional shipping charge may be required.

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