Chango Macuto Santeria Amulet Red and White
Chango Macuto Santeria Amulet Red and White

Chango Macuto Santeria Amulet Red and White

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Macuto beaded amulet for the orisha CHANGO
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Created from cowrie shells and seed beads, the Macuto is an amulet prepared for the Orisha, a spirit or deity in the Santeria or Yoruba system of beliefs.  In Santeria, each of the Orisha is represented by specific colors and may be identified with specific Catholic saints. See this reference for more information.  

The Chango amulet features red and white beads and a cowrie shell on either end. CHANGO is the orisha of fire, lightning and thunder. Chango is believed to bring victory over your enemies and all difficulties.  Wear for domination and strength in all matters.  These are sold individually.

IDENTIFICATION: Saint Barbara, patron saint of lightning 

FEAST DAY: December 4th

NUMBERS: 4 & 6

COLORS: Red & White

The Macuto is often called a bead, but there are no stringing holes that are easily apparent. These amulets are designed to be carried and not worn. Each amulet is hand made and therefore varies slightly.  Approximate size is 1-1/8 inches tall (29mm) and 23mm wide (~7/8 inches) from cowrie to cowrie.

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