Brass or Silver Frog Prince Pendant
silvertone cast brass frog pendant

Brass or Silver Frog Prince Pendant

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Our Frog Prince pendant is a powerful symbol for those in transition. Sold individually.
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Frog Prince Cast Brass Pendant

The frog symbol is a powerful amulet and multi-cultural expression of the transient nature of our lives.  It is believed to support us in times of transition and change.  Our cast brass frog prince pendant measures 30mm tall and 16mm wide. He is positioned in a royal crouch, poised to leap, and has been crowned.  Embedded in the center of his crown is a sturdy jump ring which measures approximately 3mm.  Choose from silver-toned brass or brass-toned brass pendants.  Please note that this is a substantial (weighty!) pendant. (about 0.64 ounces or 18.14 grams)

30mm x 16mm x 12mm (approx 1¼ inches tall x 5/8 inches wide and 1/2 inch deep.)

The frog is a symbol in many traditions around the globe.  It is generally associated with the element of water and its cleansing properties.  In many cultures it is believed to symbolize 


Renewal, rebirth

Fertility, abundance

Transformation, metamorphosis

Life mysteries and ancient wisdom

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