Walnut ink crystals - Bulk 1 Pound Bag
Walnut ink crystals in bulk one pound bag

Walnut ink crystals - Bulk 1 Pound Bag

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Walnut ink crystals in a 1 pound bag
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The fabulous walnut ink crystals are in stock!  These are the walnut ink crystals which need to be dissolved in warm water before use and can be used to age or tint a variety of surfaces including paper and fabric.  Colors can range from a very light tea-colored wash to a deep mahogany.  See our tutorials for just a few of the special effects that you can get using walnut ink crystals on paper at www.animadesigns.com/walnut-ink-tutorial-menu/.  Then try your hand at creating mind blowing effects that show your own artistic flair! Walnut ink crystals are sold in a bulk one pound bag.

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