Vintage Tintype Husband and Wife with Bench
vintage tintype photograph of a couple

Vintage Tintype Husband and Wife with Bench

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Vintage metal tintype photographs, sold individually.
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A tintype is a photograph made on a sheet of iron instead of a piece of paper. Most tintypes were brownish in color and the most common size was about 2 inches x 3 inches. Tintypes were popular from 1856 until the early 1900's.

Our collection comes from a variety of sources. Some of the tintypes have clipped corners which eased their placement into in a paper or cardboard frame. Historically used in jewelry or in photo albums, our tintypes are in a variety of sizes, although most are close to the traditional size (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches.) There are some smaller images (1/9th plate) in our collection as well.

Since this method of photography was primarily used for portraits, the subjects of our tintypes are people: note that you can select from male, female or group (which are tintype portraits of two or more people). Most of the tintypes are in good condition, some of the folders are brown and foxing. Tintypes are great for jewelry-making or to add to altered art projects. Sold individually.

You will get the tintype shown.  This is a tintype of of a couple, possibly husband and wife. The woman is seated on a bench and the man is standing with his jacket open. In good condition, considering its age.

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