Vintage Milagros - Standing Male
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Vintage Milagros - Standing Male

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Vintage milagro charms from recovered from churches that are no longer standing. In assorted metal finishes. These are sold individually and are either a standing girl or boy.
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In addition to the shiny new milagros, we offer vintage milagros are old brass, silver-plate, nickel, gold-plate and even some copper. These are all old authentic religious relics used in old Mexico (recovered from churches that are no longer standing, we're told.) 

These are standing male/boy milagros and they are sold individually. 

The vast majority of the milagros typically offered for prayer, devotion and healing are of the body or body parts.  A standing or praying figure is considered a whole body milagro which may be useful for a petitioner seeking whole body healing or as a gift when the giver is unsure of which specific healing is needed.  

Note that the milagros are one-sided only.

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