Vintage Milagros - Praying Man
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Vintage Milagros - Praying Man

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Vintage milagro charms from recovered from churches that are no longer standing. In assorted metal finishes. These are sold individually and are a male figure kneeled in prayer.
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In addition to the shiny new milagros, we offer vintage milagros are old brass, silver-plate, nickel, gold-plate and even some copper. These are all old authentic religious relics used in old Mexico (recovered from churches that are no longer standing, we're told.) 

These are praying male milagros and they are sold individually. 

The vast majority of the milagros typically offered for prayer, devotion and healing are of the body or body parts.  A praying figure is considered a whole body milagro which may be useful for a petitioner seeking whole body healing or as a gift when the giver is unsure of which specific healing is needed. 

Praying figures have many interpretations.  Some believe that it represents an answered prayer and others believe that it represents a plea.  Most of the kneeling figures are in profile.  The praying man figures are typically dressed in pants and a shirt while the praying women figures appear to be in robes, with head covering, like the saints. 
Our praying figure milagros are used and come in an assortment of different metals (most that we have are gold in color.)   They vary in size and detail, but most are a little more than one inch tall with an integral loop at the top.  They are somewhat crudely made but we think that adds to their charm.  Note that the design is on one side only, the back of the milagro is flat.

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