St Christopher Resin Medal
Resin St Christopher Medal - front and back

St Christopher Resin Medal

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Colorful image of the St Christopher is encased in resin and mounted in a silver medal oval frame. Sold individually.
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Our medal features a colorful image of St Christopher encased in resin and mounted in a silver medal oval frame.  Sold individually.  The back of the medal has a raised floral design and the words, Ruega por Nosotros (Pray for Us).  The medal measures 26mm tall by 16mm wide, including the integral hanging loop.  This medal also has a jump ring making it easy for inclusion into your sacred jewelry. Great for use as a pendant or charm.  Made in Italy and sold individually.  Both the front and back of the medal are shown in the photo.

St Christopher is a widely popular saint, often associated with travel or travels and is believed to protect against accidents or sudden death.  A St. Christopher medal is often placed in vehicles, for protection on long journeys.  He is typically depicted with a child on his shoulder and a staff in his hand, as he is in this medal.

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