Small Bone MahJong Tile Beads 12 Bead Strand
Small Bone MahJong Tile Beads 12 Bead Strand

Small Bone MahJong Tile Beads 12 Bead Strand

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Bone mah jong tile beads drilled from top to bottom with hand-painted detail and light antiquing. Mini antiqued double sided strand of 12 (10x16mm)
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We have an assortment of mah jongg tile beads for you to choose from. These mah jongg beads have etched, colored designs that are based upon the popular Chinese game but these beads are flatter than the traditional game tiles and come pre-drilled, making them great for jewelry projects! Beads are drilled from top to bottom so that they hang in a vertical position.  Mini antiqued double sided strand of 12 (10x16mmx5mm thick). (That is approximately 0.4 inch wide, 0.6 inch long and 3/16 inch thick). The hole is approximately 1-2mm.

Note that beads come in matched pairs for earrings.  You will get 6 sets of tiles.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE MAH JONG TILES DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETE REPRESENTATION OF ALL SUITS IN THE MAH JONG GAME.  We cannot honor requests for specific tiles as we have a very limited assortment.

In our newest lot of beads, the factory has limited the colors as means to control the cost.  They have three colors: red, navy blue or black and green.  The base bone tile has not been antiqued so it is an ivory color.  

Please note:  These are painted by hand and there will be the occasional smear in the ink.  If this bothers you, a quick sand with fine grit sandpaper or a very fine emory board usually takes care of any stray marks.

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