Silver and Glass Snaps Kojo Baiden ADINKRA Eye Link Bracelet
shown on a size 7 woman's wrist

Silver and Glass Snaps Kojo Baiden ADINKRA Eye Link Bracelet

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Adinkra Kojo baiden (all seeing eye) symbol in black and white snaps mounted on a chunky silver link bracelet.
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Adinkra Symbol, Kojo Baiden Bracelet

The Adinkra symbol, kojo baiden, meaning rays, is an eye symbol (the all seeing eye) with lines forming from the lower lid like rays of light. Reminiscent of the Christian Eye of God (The Eye of God symbol is a human eye looking down from the heavens, sometimes pictured with rays of light shining from it like the sun), it symbolizes the cosmos and omnipresence.

Adinkra are ancient African visual symbols or motifs that date back to the Akan people in 19th century Ivory Coast and Ghana and express history, culture, beliefs and philosophy. While many symbols represent a proverb or piece of Akan wisdom, other symbols may depict historical events, customs, culture, the natural world or environment.  (Not all symbols have a proverbial expression. Adinkra have historically been painted or printed onto cloth which was then worn during important sacred ceremonies including funerals, weddings, naming festivities and more.  Contemporary use of Adinkra symbols has widened to use in jewelry, architecture and home decor.

Kojo baiden

Literal meaning:  Rays

Symbolic meaning:  Cosmos; omnipresence

Our bracelet is made from magnetic snap links of silver-toned metal, with 5 snap domed glass buttons with black and white graphic images of the kojo baiden symbol. The toggle closure can fit into one of 3 links, making the bracelet adjustable from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches. The base of our creation is a Noosa style interchangeable charm bracelet made of zinc alloy with 5 snap charms. Snaps are 18mm with a 5mm knob. It's a great chunky-style bracelet for those who like bold jewelry with meaning.


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