Detailed Indonesian Black Horn Handcarved Skull Bead XL
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Detailed Indonesian Black Horn Handcarved Skull Bead XL

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Nicely hand-carved large black horn skull bead from Indonesia. There are a variation of sizes but ours are 27-35mm long and 18-20mm wide. Sold individually.
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The detail in these large hand-carved black horn skull beads is incredible. The 1.9mm hole is drilled horizontally through the ear area.

These are extra large horn beads carved out of one piece of black horn. Beads measure approximately 40mm long by 25mm wide (remember that 25mm~1 inch!). Depth is ~25mm and the drill hole is ~2mm.  Made in Indonesia.  Sold individually.  

As These are all hand-carved, the size is somewhat variable.  The carving is excellent.

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