Day of the Dead Soccer Player Papier Mache Figure
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Day of the Dead Soccer Player Papier Mache Figure

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Papier mache and plaster miniature day of the dead figure -- male with a ball.
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These unique day of the dead figures are perfect for your shrine, altar or nicho. Each is a diminutive 2-1/2 to 3 inches high; they are handmade using paper mache technique and plaster. 

 We have a limited selection of figures and each is one of a kind because they are all individually hand-formed and handpainted by Mexican craftsmen and artisans. 

 Please note that since all are hand-crafted there may be variations from the figures pictured (in color and style of clothing and occasionally in poses) 

 Let us select one for you. 

Hecho a Mano en Mexico

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