Brass Plated Chi Wara Pendant
chi wara brasstone pendant

Brass Plated Chi Wara Pendant

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Brass plated Chi Wara pendant is over 2 inches tall and comes in two finishes, silver and gold.
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Chi wara means “laboring wild animal” in Bambara and is a symbol used as a ritual object by the Bamana people in Mali. According to folklore, a half-antelope half-man creature came down from the sky and introduced farming to the Bamana. In honor of Chi wara, the Bamana carve elaborate headdresses in the form of a stylized antelope. Worn during ceremonial dances, the ritual symbol is used to promote growth of the millet crop and is believed to represent fertility, reproduction and honor to the ancestors.

Our Chi wara pendant or charm is pewter alloy.  The charm measures 52mm tall (slightly more than 2 inches) and has both a loop and an included bail. pendant is gold-toned.  We also have silver-tone Chi Wara available.  Sold individually.

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