Adinkrahene Adinkra Large 25mm Bone Batik Coin Beads
Bone adinkrahene 25mm coin beads

Adinkrahene Adinkra Large 25mm Bone Batik Coin Beads

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25mm batik bone coin beads on a strand with the ADINKRAHENE symbol. Strand of 9 beads.
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New to our shop, these batik bone Adinkra beads are adorned with the Adinkrahene symbol, believes to be the chief of the Adinkra symbols.  This symbol stresses the importance of leadership and is believed to be the precursor for many of the other Adinkra symbols.  These stunning bone batik beads are 25mm coin beads on a strand.  There are 9 of these beads on the strand.

This is unique and beautiful symbol in Ghana which stands as a symbol for greatness, charisma and leadership.

These coin beads are 25 mm in diameter, approximately 5mm thick with a 1-2mm vertical hole. You get a strand of 9 beads.

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