Vintage Burmese Hexagonal Pya Coin Pendant with Copper Loop
Burmese coin with soldered copper loop

Vintage Burmese Hexagonal Pya Coin Pendant with Copper Loop

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Vintage Burmese hexagonal coin with a copper soldered hanging loop is great to use for a pendant or charm. Sold individually. The pendant measures 23mm (slightly under 1 inch) (30mm with hanging loop which is slightly more than 1 inch).
The value of these coins is 25 pya.

The front side of the coin has picture of a chinthe, a leogryph (lion-like creature) that is often seen (in pairs) guarding the entrances of pagodas and temples in Burma/Myamar and other Southeast asian countries. The reverse side of the coin features Myanmar floral designs and writing which we believe is the year of minting and perhaps the value of the coin. The shape is a lovely rounded, slightly scalloped hexagonal.

Late 20th century, from Burma (also known as Myanmar). In used vintage condition. Materials are nickel and copper. Please note that the coins are used and show signs of wear and tarnish. If you would like a shinier coin, some cleaner, such as Tarn-X may be sparingly applied and washed off.

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