Thai Buddhist Amulet Pendant Somdej Clay

Thai Buddhist Amulet Pendant Somdej Clay

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Gold-leafed Thai clay amulet with woven bezel -- embossed image of Somdej Buddha.
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These gold-leafed Thai Somdej Buddha amulets are handcrafted from a clay, molded with the form of Somdej Buddha and gold-leafed. These are then mounted in a thread-woven (macrame), gold-leaf bezel with an integral loop so that they can be easily worn. Made in Thailand.  Please note that each of the pendants is handmade so each varies a bit.  Approximate size is 1-1/3 inches by 1-3/4 inches and 1/3 or so inches thick (measurements do not include the loop).  Sold individually.  There may be some size variations.

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