Small Black Terracotta Munachi Charm Love Amulet

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Wonderful small black terracotta Bolivian love amulet, munachi.
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This munachi charm love amulet measures 1 inch tall (~25mm), about 1/2 inch tall (12mm) and 1/4 inch thick (6mm). It is hand-crafted from a dark, charcoal gray (black) terra-cotta with detailed white markings. The back is flat and the couple is facing each other, as though preparing for a kiss. Circular details have been added at the joints of the body. 

This munachi was made in Bolivia, and has a metal hanging loop making it suitable for use in jewelry. No two munachis are alike although they are similar in size and design.

The munachi amulet is used to cast sexual or love spells. Munachi is a Quechuan word that combines “muna” which is to desire or to love with “chi” meaning to cause to happen. Traditionally, a love spell is cast by wrapping a hair from each of the lovers around the necks of the munachi and burying it in front of the door of the couple’s home. We think it would be also great incorporated into a piece of sacred jewelry which can either be kept or given to your significant other to help them resist temptation when you are apart.

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