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Silver-plated Brass Eye in Hand Pendant
Hamsa Hand, Hand of Miriam, Hand of Fatima

Silver-plated Brass Eye in Hand Pendant

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The eye in hand symbol is a powerful amulet and multi-cultural expression of the dual nature of humanity. Eye: sensing, knowledge, observation, omniscience (all-knowing) and hand: doing, power, acting, omnipotence (all-powerful).  The symbol may also be worn as protection against the "evil eye".

Other names for this symbol are the hamsa hand, hand of Miriam or hand of Fatima.  It is believed to be one of the original protective amulets. It is believed to bring the wearer protection from the evil eye and to bring positive energy, happiness, prosperity and health.

Our solid brass eye in hand pendant measures 2 inches long and 7/8 inch wide.  (The silver pendant is plated brass.)  With large integral loop.  Two sided.  Sold individually. 

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