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Anima Designs sells many items that are not suitable for young children. Some of the products may cause a choking hazard, may contain chemicals that should not be taken internally, or are sharp or otherwise possibly dangerous.

Children under the age of three should not be using any of our products, unless stated otherwise in the item description. Children up to the age of 10 should be supervised by adults when using many of our products.

Even rubber stamps may be harmful. Our stamps are made of rubber. Some people suffer rubber and latex allergies and should take the appropriate cautions when using any of the products. Some persons may be hyper-sensitive to substances and chemicals that generally pose no hazard to most persons. Examples are solvents, pigments glues and inks. Wooden items may also have been finished with peanut oil. So persons with a sensitivity to peanuts should always exercise caution in handling these products. It is also possible that wooden items may splinter - especially our unfinished product. Please handle with care.

Many of our products are vintage and/or imported. These items are sold "as is". And, as they are considered safe in their intended use, modification of these items may create a dangerous situation. For example, the amulets and vials used in folk religions are meant to remain sealed. Their contents should not be eaten or handled improperly. Under normal circumstances, even breakage should cause no risk. But please exercise caution when handling these items. Other folk art products should also be used with caution as well.

Some items, such as charms and nichos (although not exclusive to these), contain metal and/or glass and may be sharp. As with all sharp objects (including scissors and shears), safety should be of concern.

Individuals with hyper allergenic history should not use or touch rubber stamps or other products unless they are certain that doing so will pose no health hazard. As many of our products are sold unpackaged, it is possible that these items may have come into contact with some item that may pose risk to hyper-sensitive people. Please use caution.

Anima Designs offers many religious and metaphysical products. We cannot warrant the effectiveness of the information we provide in the use or historical background of the products and their usage is for your entertainment. These are not to be interpreted as a claim, guarantee or warranty of their effectiveness. These are products for use by adults. Some stones and rocks that we provide can be toxic if ingested. We have made every effort to indicate when there is a danger in use of a product. The alleged properties and powers of saints and other spiritual figures are based on historical anecdote and not scientific research. Our products are meant for entertainment and personal enhancement, study and as aids to meditation and spiritual growth. If you do believe that you have a serious health issue, are in need of psychiatric or medical care, please consult a licensed professional, as these products cannot replace the expertise of professionals.
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