Petite Sandstone and Antique Brass Framed Seated Buddha with Naga Amulet Charm or Pendant

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Wonderful sandstone Buddha amulet focal point pendant is mounted metal bezel with a seated, meditating Buddha with naga (snake)
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This sitting Buddha with naga sandstone amulet pendant is mounted in an antique brass frame.  It is similar to the larger one that is currently sold out.  This one is petite and is really cute!  This amulet is an artistic representation of the folklore of the naga (or snake), believed to shelter the Buddha while in meditation.  The umbrella formed over the head of the seated Buddha image is thought to be that of a multi-headed king cobra (also called the mucilanda.)  The Buddha’s cushion is thought to be the coiled body of the naga (snake) with the 7 pronged head providing a hood over the Buddha to protect and shelter from the elements.  The Buddha with naga imagery is popular in Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Thailand.

Our new stock of these charms or pendants are approximately 10mm wide (about 1/3 inch), 22mm tall (with the integral loop) or slightly less than an inch and 4mm thick.  Great for using on a bracelet, necklace or other sacred jewelry project.  Sold individually.

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