Oxidized Bronze Thai Buddha Amulet Pendant Scalloped Blue/Green Patina

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Thai Buddha Amulet Pendant is made of oxidized bronze with scalloped edges. Pendant is two sided with a Buddha in full lotus pose on one side and raised script on the other.
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Found on the streets of Bangkok, these authentic Thai Buddhist amulets have a rich history. Thai amulets, charms and talismen are made by Buddhist gurus for various purposes: invulnerability, good luck, fortune, protection from evil, etc and are made bo be worn.  They are in some ways comparable to "holy medals" in Catholicism. An amulet may represent a famous Buddha image or a significant Buddha pose, may be blessed by a saintly monk or may be intended to bring the wearer good luck or to keep  misfortune at bay.

These oxidized bronze amulet pendants feature an image of Buddha in a full lotus pose (a pose most often used for meditation) on one side and raised script on the other side.  The patina on this heavy brass pendant ranges from white/gray to turquoise and green.  The amulets are sold individually and have an integral hanging loop.  Those with the scalloped design measure 42mm in length, 27mm in width and 3mm in depth.  We have shown pictures of our collection so that you can get an idea of the range of patinas which are available.  Let us select one for you.  Please note that our new stock all has a blue/green patina.

Newly made in Thailand to look ancient.

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