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One Vintage Brass Akha Belt Piece
Vintage Brass Akha Belt Piece

One Vintage Brass Akha Belt Piece

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Handmade bronze component created by the Hill tribe Akha people.  Traditionally used as a belt component, these pieces are each different and are sold individually.  The size may vary somewhat but each of the pieces measures approximately 7/8 inch by 3/4 inch (approximately 24mm by 23mm).  Each piece has a different design and there are two channels on each side with about a 3mm hole.  Please note that there is quite a bit of size variation in our current stock.  Some are as small as 15x16mm.

We quickly took 8 pieces and thread the channels with stretchy cord and made a stunning bracelet.  We’ve also seen them used as components in necklaces and earrings.  Let your imagination be your guide!

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