Large Triangular Thai Buddha Buddhist Clay Amulet Pendant with Macrame Bezel and Gold Leaf

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Gold-leafed triangular Thai clay amulet with woven bezel -- embossed image of buddha with gold leaf accents
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These gold-leafed Thai triangular Buddha amulets are handcrafted from clay, molded and gold-leafed. These are then mounted in a thread-woven (macrame) bezel with an integral loop so that they can be easily worn. Made in Thailand.  Please note that each of the pendants is handmade so each varies a bit.  These are large:  61mm (about 2-1/2 inches) by 45mm (1-3/4 inches) at the base.  The amulet is 16mm thick at its thickest part. There may be some sleight size variations as they are all made by hand.
Note that these clay amulets are formed by hand, colored and then blessed by a Thai monk.  24K gold leaf is applied during the blessing ceremony.

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