Large Tibetan agate dzi-style 15x20mm eye drum bead strand of 15 beads

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Aged looking patina agate 15x20mm Tibetan-style dzi drum bead. With a 3mm hole. Sold per 14-16 bead strand
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These dzi-style aged agate drum beads are etched to produce stunning crackled patterns symbolic in Tibetan Buddhism. The 3-eye Tibetan agate barrel beads are sold by the approximately 15-bead strand.  The beads measure approximately 15x20mm with a 2-3mm hole. Please note that these (and our other dzi beads) are in shades of brown, ranging from dark to medium brown and beige.

These unique Dzi style aged and etched agate beads can add a mystical and ancient flair to your jewelry projects. Please note that we have other patterns in these aged agate beads as well. Be sure to see them all! Please note that there may be some slight size and shape variation. These are modern beads that are made to look ancient.

Please note that a US quarter is shown in the photos for size reference.  A US quarter is about 25mm or approximately 1 inch in diameter.

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