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Large Standing Buddha Metal-Framed Amulet with Hanging Loop

Large Standing Buddha Metal-Framed Amulet with Hanging Loop

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This standing Buddha amulet is molded in high relief (detail) with a handmade metal frame and is a substantial pendant weighing approximately 38 grams.  Newly made in Thailand.  Approx. 82mm tall by 30mmm wide (~3-1/5inches by 1-1/8 inches) and 1/4 inch thick (6mm). Made in Thailand. Patina may vary.

The pendant has a matching jump ring for easy incorporation into your jewelry project.These authentic Thai Buddhist amulets have a rich history. Thai amulets, charms and talismen are made by Buddhist gurus for various purposes: invulnerability, good luck, fortune, protection from evil, etc. Many Thai Buddhists wear or carry amulets of different kinds. They are in some ways comparable to "holy medals" in Catholicism. An amulet may represent a famous Buddha image, may be blessed by a saintly monk or may be a more specific spirit to bring the wearer luck or to ward off misfortune.

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