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Large Silver 63mm Hamsa Hand Pendant
silver hamsa hand pendant

Large Silver 63mm Hamsa Hand Pendant

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Our new Hamsa Hand amulet has two symmetrical thumbs and is designed to be worn facing down. It has a substantial bail which is attached to the pendant by a riveted joint which allows the pendant both to rotate (forward and back) and remain untwisted when added to a necklace. The hand measures slightly more than 2-1/2 inches long (~63mm) and 1-3/4 inches wide (~44mm) and approximately 2mm thick. It is beautifully embossed with a decorative scroll and leaf design which is on both sides of the pendant. The opening in the bail measures approximately 6mm in diameter so it can accommodate most chains or necklaces that you may want to use. This is a silver finish.  Please see our separate listing for the gold finish.

In the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths, the Hamsa is a palm-shaped protective sign which symbolizes the Hand of God throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. In Buddhism, the Hand of Buddha is a sacred amulet which is usually distinguished by the Gyan Mudra (touching the forefinger and thumb while keeping the rest of the fingers straight).

In addition to the Hamsa hand, these amulets are also referred to as the Hand of Miriam (Aaron and Moses’s sister), the Hand of Fatima (after the daughter of the prophet Mohammed) or the Hand of Buddha. The Hand of Venus and the Hand of Mary are also popular symbols of divine protection. 

The hand amulet has a variety of interpretations, depending on the culture.  Hand amulets are generally believed to bring the wearer success, happiness, harmony luck, health, blessings and are thought to be effective in deflecting the evil eye.

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