Handcarved Antler Skull Bead Pendant 28-32mm
Our assortment of larger antler skull pendants

Handcarved Antler Skull Bead Pendant 28-32mm

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Handcarved antler skull bead pendants from Bali. This is the large size
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These handmade skull pendants were carved from shed antlers. They are horizontally drilled (holes are approximately 2mm) and can be made into a pendant or incorporated into your imaginative jewelry designs!

We often say that handcarved items are one of a kind and it is really true for these unique skulls. There are no two alike. We're listing our stock in groups by size. The large size shown here includes skulls that range from 28mm-32mm high, 15-21mm wide and 23-31mm deep (front to back).

Since these are handcarved, each skull will be different, which just makes them more unique! These skulls are handcarved by the world famous carvers from the island of Bali.

Limited availability but we have them in several size groupings.

Unlike our Indonesian skulls, these were carved from one piece.  Please note that they are sold individually but we have photos of all of them so that you can see the variety that we have to offer.

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