Giant Grab Bag of Vintage Plastic Knobs
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Giant Grab Bag of Vintage Plastic Knobs

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“We will control the horizontal, we will control the vertical” - people of a certain age will remember this tagline from the Outer Limits television show in the 1960’s.  This was in a land before the remote control, when you actually had to get off the couch and use the knobs on your television and radio to adjust the picture and change the channel.  Here’s your chance to own pieces of televisions, radios and tape recorders etc. produced during that era.  It wasn’t called an analog tv because digital had not yet been invented -- it was just TV.

This drawstring bag contains a collection of vintage plastic knobs, dials and buttons which must have been culled from old, vintage radios, televisions and other appliances. These would make great additions to your mixed media artwork. Each bag has an assortment of knobs and dials. Each bag is unique. We have two remaining large bags of these parts:  one is about 14 ounces and the other is one pound. We are showing photos of the actual box that you will get so that you can see the components that will be in your selected bag.  Will be mailed in a box so that the components won't be crushed.

While you could use these for a restoration project of a vintage television, we like to think of them being given new life in one of your assemblage or art doll creations.  I have not cleaned these knobs but have left them “as is” for you to do with as you will.

Please note that these items are not toys and are not suitable for children.  Also note that these items are suitable for craft supplies and not for restoring vintage electronics.  Many knobs are broken down to their constituent parts.

The first photos are of the 14 ounce bag and have a knob with a triangle inside of the circular knob.  The last photos are of the 16 ounce bag and there is a black and white printed dial with numbers in this bag.  These are our last two lots of these knobs.

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