Four 13x22mm Inlaid Bone Vertically Drilled Mah Jong tile beads-Bam Suit

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Four 13x22mm Inlaid Bone Vertically Drilled Mah Jong tile beads. Package of 4 beads
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Vertically drilled bone tile mah jong beads that are lightly antiqued.  These are made by etching out the mah jong suit design and then inlaying red and green/blue stone into the crevices.  This results in a bead that is much more refined than those that are handpainted since there is no "coloring outside of the lines" or smearing, as can be present on painted beads.

Each bead measures 22mm long, 13mm wide, 8mm thick with a 2.5mm hole (7/8 inch long, 1/2 inch wide, ~1/4 inch thick).  You will get a package of 4 matching beads in the circle suit.  Each package will contain 4 beads of the same suit and denomination.  Please note that as the beads are handmade, they may not be identical.  These are great for use as earrings or for a component on a necklace or bracelet.

Your package will contain beads from the bam suit, but may not be the same denomination pictured.

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