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Double-sided Sandstone and Metal Walking Buddha Amulet Focal Point Pendant 42MM

Double-sided Sandstone and Metal Walking Buddha Amulet Focal Point Pendant 42MM

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This understated tribal yet elegant sandstone Buddha amulet focal point pendant is mounted in an curved arch-shaped metal bezel with brass accents.

Our walking Buddha amulet pendant is a depiction of the Buddha walking with the left hand raised in a gesture of reassurance and protection. This vision of the Buddha was popularized by the legend in which the Buddha descends from heaven by walking down a ladder. Earlier Buddhist art had stressed the god-like and king-like aspects of the Buddha, and neither gods nor kings were imagined as a walking monk. Most Buddha images throughout Asia are in one of three postures: standing, sitting or lying down.
This distinctly Thai image of the Buddha symbolizes his earthly aspects and identification with common people. Born into royalty, the Buddha renounced his title and worldly possessions and spent the rest of his life wandering northern India and teaching.

With both a hanging loop that is integral to the bezel and a jump ring, this amulet is ready to wear. Since each is handmade, there may be slight variations from those pictured.

42mm long (which is about 1-2/3 inches), not including the loop, and 12mm (1/2 inch) wide at it's widest point. The bezel is 6mm thick.  The amulet has a plain metal frame on the front.  On the back the metal case is folded over. The walking Buddha is on both sides.

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