Bone Adinkra DWENNIMMEN Ram's Horn Batik Beads-Ebony on Ivory

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Batik bone adinkra beads adorned with the DWENNIMMEN (ram's horns) symbol. Black on white design. Sold by the strand of 9 beads..
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We now have these stunning batik beads, adorned with the West African Adinkra symbol, DWENNIMMEN "ram's horns", symbol of both humility and strength.  The ram is a fierce fighter but will also submit humbly to a stronger adversary, emphasizing that even the strong need to be humble.

These are batik beads with ivory on an ebony bone bead.  The 1mm hole is drilled top to bottom.

25mm square (25mm is equal to one inch)

Adinkra are ancient African visual symbols or motifs that date back to the Akan people in 19th century Ivory Coast and Ghana and express history, culture, beliefs and philosophy. While many symbols represent a proverb or piece of Akan wisdom, other symbols may depict historical events, customs, culture, the natural world or environment.  (Not all symbols have a proverbial expression. Adinkra have historically been painted or printed onto cloth which was then worn during important sacred ceremonies including funerals, weddings, naming festivities and more.  Contemporary use of Adinkra symbols has widened to use in jewelry, architecture and home decor. 


Literal meaning:  Ram’s horn

Symbolic meaning:  Concealment; humility & strength; wisdom & learning

Proverbial expression:  It is the heart and not the horns that leads a ram to bully.

This unique and beautiful symbol is ubiquitous in Ghana. It is  popular for use in decoration.

These are ebony on ivory batik bone.  You get a strand of 9 beads.

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