Black wood skull bead bracelet mala style 5x6m
5x6mm black skull bead bracelet

Black wood skull bead bracelet mala style 5x6m

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Black wood skull mala bracelet. Beads are 5x6mm and finely hand-carved tiny skull beads.
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These handcarved wood skull bead malas are bracelet size and come on an elasticized band. There are approximately 31 beads per strand (not including the guru beads. Each bead measures about 5x6mm and these are very nicely carved with a black finish. NOTE: THIS IS A TINY BRACELET -- CHILD SIZE (not suitable for children under 12) OR VERY SMALL ADULT!  Approximately 6 inches.  PLEASE NOTE: Black wood skull beads have been dyed but are not sealed. Please take care to avoid contact with water unless the beads are first sealed with an appropriate fixative, lacquer, oil or wax.

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