7x8mm wood skull bead mala bracelet
Petite wood skull bracelet is 6-1/4 inches long (15.9cm)

7x8mm wood skull bead mala bracelet

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Wood skull bracelet with petite 7x8mm hand-carved wood skull beads. Beads are 7x8mm and finely hand-carved.
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These petite handcarved wood skull bead bracelets are strung mala style (with a guru bead) on an elasticized band. There are approximately 22 beads per strand (plus a guru bead and one additional skull bead). Each bead measures about 7x8mm.  They are nicely carved of a medium reddish brown wood.  The holes in the beads are 2-3mm.

The bracelet length is approximately 6-1/4 inches (15.9cm).

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