108 Bead Red Heart Seed Mala
108 red seed bead mala

108 Bead Red Heart Seed Mala

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108 bead red sandalwood seed knotted mala with 6x9mm heart-shaped seeds.
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Religious & Ceremonial > Religious Items > Prayer Beads
Prayer bead mala strand of 108 beautiful heart-shaped seeds from the red sandalwood tree.  These seeds are referred to as circassian seeds in India and Britain and are called jumbies in the Caribbean.  Use as is or take apart to create your own unique creation.  Limited availability.

Size:  Approximately 42 inches long
Bead Size:  About 6x9mm
Hole Size: About 0.5mm
Material:  Red Sandalwood Seeds and rayon cord

PLEASE NOTE:  Red sandalwood seeds are not fragrant.  Beads are not varnished or sealed.  Please take care to avoid contact with water unless the beads are first sealed with an appropriate fixative, lacquer, oil or wax.

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